We want you to LOVE your pictures

We want you to LOVE your pictures    

The best part about our job is that we get to be a part of your happiness.

I was discussing with Whitney, my wife and photography assistant, just how lucky we are to get to deal with people that are happy.  Weddings, engagements, newborns, soon-to-be babies, growing families, birthdays, events; we get to be there for them all, and honestly, we get excited to be able to shoot every single one.  After a shoot we get back into our car and realize, 'hey, that was fun'; and it has happened every single time.

What we honestly care most about out of everything we do, is that you, our clients, are happy with the results.  We would much rather extend our time shooting and take the extra few hours editing to make sure our clients love their pictures.

We work very hard for our clients, and, like any business, we exchange our services for your money, but that isn't our driving factor. We do what we do because we love when a client proudly shares their pictures on Facebook; when we get a heartfelt thank you for the work we love to do; the compliments on the street from strangers; the big family portraits hanging over the fireplace, and all the other little things that make our clients happy.

You let us into your most happy moments, what we want to do is capture that happiness for you and spread it around.  That is what our business is about, and what makes us happy.

To all of our customers, clients, supporters and visitors, THANK YOU!

Your continued support has allowed us the opportunity to do what we love to do.

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